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Enough with a Workhorse, Know the Advantages of Vacuum Lifters

Barrels, metal plates, wooden boards, heavy plastic sheets and glass sheets are heavy and sensitive things to move. With the weight they possess, they are hazardous to human physique should you manually lift them. They need a workhorse, and more hands to perform the task if you have no device to use in carrying them. Apart from being costly, doing so is risky, as well. If one’s physical strength is no longer capable of things you want moved, or the immovable objects seem so unsafe to carry with some lifting device, then a vacuum lifter is the answer.

vacuum lifter

Vacuum lifters are designed to handle flat, large and non-porous objects. For instance, you want to load or unload barrels and tubes then the vacuum tube lifter is the proper apparatus.  Below are some the noticeable benefits the lifters can contribute:

·       It is work efficient and will not damage the heavy loads while on handling;

·       It works ergonomically and will secure the health of the operator since it does not require too much energy and sweat to operate;

·       It helps to render excellent performance, safety in work and process reliability because it is modular and is set on its standard operation;

·       It is durable and long lasting because it is made of a sturdy mixture of aluminum, steel and plastic; and

·       It is not costly in power consumption. It can operate at low cost due to its energy saving mechanism.

Designs, Functions, and Uses

While a vacuum lifter has modular design, a lot of fundamental modules, load beams, operator grips and siphoning plates will allow customization in accordance to your style and needs. Through the suction or siphoning plates, the suction force implemented will serve as the reservoir. So with a compatible crane plus a chain hoist, lifting in up and down motion is potentially possible. Know more about Millsom Materials Handling here.

Lifter manufacturers nowadays have offered a variety of uses to match different needs. There are horizontal grips that are designed with heavy airtight for pieces weighing 2,000 kilogram, at the maximum. On one hand, there is horizontal handling, too, for smooth and airtight objects bearing no external source of energy.  There are sack vacuum lifters Australia market provides, as well, that perform just like the multi-purpose lifters for heavy wooden flats and boards. It operates in vertical grip for objects at 90 degrees from horizontal motion, or from left to right direction. And for glass sheets, windows and any other objects with glass components, a vertical grip is recommended for easy lifting.

Moreover, narrow objects like beams, boards and planks with width not less than 120mm, a horizontal handling is required.  For coils, there is a vacuum lifter to handle its slit strips with the design set to properly position the coils into the de-coiler mandrel.

With numerous benefits and advantages of a vacuum lifter, working in heavy industries with heavy work piece is no longer a hindrance. The invention is to suit the blue collared workers to work comfortably, efficiently and with safety in mind. Please visit this site http://www.millsom.com.au/products/vacuum.