Find the Best Medium Duty Trucks in their Class with the Condor Range

UD Trucks is a company with a very rich heritage in the production of top quality trucks. The company has been in operation for more than 80 years and entered the Australian trucking market in the early 70s. Over the past 4 decades, it has sold some of the best trucks in this market many of which are the top of their class. Their Ultimate Dependability is no match for any other trucks in the Australian market and they deliver incredible performance on all kinds of trucking applications. Amongst UD Trucks products are the new medium duty trucks for sale which play a very important role in Australia’s robust freight and trucking market.

In the medium-duty trucks range, UD Trucks offers the Condor Range for businesses looking for trucks in this category. These Japanese medium duty trucks in the Condor range are further divided into two main classes namely:

·         The MK Range

·         The PK Range

The PK Range of New Medium Duty Trucks for Sale

You will go for the PK range if you need an extra muscle in your trucking for some of the toughest tasks. In this range of medium duty trucks, the Japanese manufacturer has focused on delivering both efficiency and durability. Apart from these, these trucks are also characterized by their extra safety features, high comfort levels along with driver convenience. They are the kinds of vehicles that truck drivers will love to spend time in.

The PK Range of the new medium duty trucks for sale are very quiet and also highly refined. With its GH7 6-cylinder engine, it delivers incredible power to power your trucking business on some of the most challenging terrains. It has an incredible torque range too- 280hp as well as 883Nm. In the toughest of tasks, this is a truck that will give you the extra grunt.

There are two options for the suspension systems that you will be able to choose from. These are the leaf spring suspensions and the air suspensions. UD Trucks has built this truck with an array of other innovative features that make it truly ideal for your freight requirements.

The MK Range

If you are looking for a tough but smart truck for the smaller loads, then the MK range will be your perfect choice. It is one of the best Australian prime movers. While it is built with ease of maneuverability and control for the city operations, you can equally apply it state-wide.

If your business is looking for great small trucks which are affordable, reliable and environmentally friendly, then the MK range of new medium duty trucks for sale is a perfect option for you. Choose from two horsepower options and you will be able to tailor each model to your chassis specifications. The MK range has a smooth and industry leading power delivery and will assure the driver of a stress-free journey. Additionally, the truck has been built with an ergonomic cab design for maximum comfort and efficiency. It has some good standard features that you would certainly want to have in your truck including the SRS steering, multimedia unit and the air suspension seats amongst others.

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